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How to make pineapple cake nastar

How to make pineapple cake nastar - If you are not one of the lovers of cake if you know how to make a cake nastar to add flair to make resep kue nastar keju. But this time my friend does not need to experiment yourself nastar cake ingredients and how to make it. Moreover, one-one want to make delicious cakes and soft nastar even be disastrous because it feels contrived my nastar shambles. One of the things you can do to save money is to make pineapple cake nastar own. Well, if you are still confused with the resep agar agar and how to make cake nastar pineapple jam, see the recipe and how to make it as follows.

The material
350 grams of wheat flour of low-calorie
150 grams of margarine
50 grams of refined sugar / powdered
30 grams of cheese chedar
2 eggs, take yellow
1 egg yolk, to polish
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon of full cream milk powder
¼ teaspoon vanilla powder
grated cheese, to taste
raisins to taste, cut it to 4 parts

How to make it
Beat 2 egg yolks using a mixer, add the powdered sugar and butter until well blended
Enter dough into flour, cornstarch, Vanilla, cheddar cheese and milk traps. Stir again to mix
Shape the dough according to taste and contents using pineapple jam
Put all of the dough has been formed on a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine, do not forget to love the distance of each dough
Once all the dough is formed, spread with egg yolk
Sprinkle grated cheese and add 1 fruit raisins on top
Bake the cake in the oven with a temperature of ± 175 degrees for 15 minutes or cake is completely cooked
Remove and let cool

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