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Recipe bolu kukus bloom without soda

Recipe bolu kukus bloom without soda - This sponge cake is widely sold in the market with prices varied, but it's best if we can make it yourself at home. Well for those who want to try making it at home, following the bloom resep bolu kukus can be useful reference for your home. Use simple ingredients and easy way to make these steamed sponge cake can produce excessively chocolate cake flavor and soft texture of course owning a lot of love. Combined with a bit of strawberry jam to add flavor variants. The ingredients needed to make steamed sponge similar to some other type of roast cake. That distinguish, for use only egg yellow eggs alone. In this recipe or resep kue pukis empuk too, just use chocolate powder as color variations in peak steamed sponge. If you like, you can add food coloring green or pink for the more variatif steamed sponge.

The material
2 eggs
225 grams of granulated sugar
1/2 tablespoon of SP (cake emulsifier)
300 gr flour
200 ml of water or milk white
pink or purple food coloring to your liking, just 1 drop
1 tbsp chocolate pasta

how to make it
Oh, before preparing the dough first heat steamers IT STEM until really hot or roughly 15 minutes. Prepare a pan, fill with water to about half the height, install / IT STEM place on pan.
While waiting for IT STEM summer, take advantage of the time to prepare the dough. Beat eggs, sugar and SP to expand and nuance. Mix flour and white water / milk alternately, stirring frequently.
Set aside 15 tablespoon of dough and chocolate mixed with pasta in a bowl or pan itself, and stir well. Then add the rest of the dough again, with pink or purple dye (mixture of)
Prepare steamed cake mold, cake mold alasi paper cup steamed. Drop batter pink or purple as high as prints. then pour a tablespoon of chocolate dough in the center of the dough pink. Steam for 10 minutes over high heat on IT STEM previously heated above

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